Online Webcast Visitor Guide

In order to navigate on the LED CHINA Live Online Webcast smoothly, please make sure you are successfully registered, because you can easily and quickly access the platform right through the registration confirmation page. A detailed illustration of How to Access LED CHINA Live Online Webcast can be found here.

In this article, we will introduce what you can do on the online platform more specifically. But let’s kick start with a brief intro:

Recommendation on desktop browser and browser setting

How to search for suppliers or products?

What’s available on supplier’s homepage?

How to interact with suppliers?

How to save time and make suppliers come to you instead?

How to do business with less noise but more possible outcome?

Other functions that make you experience the event close enough as if you were here in person.

Recommendation on desktop browser and browser setting

To start playing around the platform, we would recommend you use Chrome or Firefox. Since it is possible for you to interact with suppliers through this platform, after you open up the url of the platform, please go to browser setting -> Privacy & security setting -> site settings -> switch Camera and Microphone from “Ask before accessing” to "Allow".

Or, you can access Site settings through the lock or exclamation mark in front of the URL.

How to search for suppliers or products?

If you are invited by an exhibitor and want to find its detail on this platform, simply type in the name of the supply on the search bar at the home page, or click into Exhibits from the menu and start from there.

After finding what you are searching, remember to save the results, by giving them a heart or a start, for later interaction.

You can find out your Liked & Favorite list from My Account here.

What’s available on supplier’s homepage?

Online Webcast is totally different with traditional online exhibitor list. So much more than a list with just company name and booth number, you are able to see very detail introduction of the exhibitor’s company, through text, image and video.

And not just one video saying how beautiful their factories are. We do encourage exhibitors to upload video about their products, what and how is it different with others, how could the users operation on their product and what is the best case to apply it. So that you can understand each exhibitor and its products more vividly.

How to interact with suppliers?

If this is the very first time you log into Online Webcast, the most direct way to interact with exhibitors, is through the home page. Scroll down till you see the section Exhibitor Live Showroom. Click into any of the live stream and you can chat with the exhibitor immediately.

Alternatively, you can go to the exhibitor list and chat with the exhibitors who’re online or Invite them to schedule for a video call later.

How to save time and make suppliers come to you instead?

If you have your target products in mind but are tired of searching suppliers relentlessly, please try out the function of Post a Require. Write down the name and a brief description of the product that you are looking for, even better if you can upload a relative product photo. Then wait for the exhibitors to response and reach out to your request.

How to do business with less noise but more possible outcome?

If you prefer to do business more privately without too many people realize what you are looking for, welcome to join our business match-making activity. We will help to do some preliminary verification on the suppliers before setting up a meeting for you two. Please feel free to reach out and email us at:

Other functions

The Online Webcast platform is aimed to be a digital solution for anyone who couldn’t participate the physical shows from 1 to 3 September in Shenzhen but still be able to enjoy it right in front of their screens, throughout the following functions:

Organiser Webcast: Organiser interviews with renowned exhibitors sector by sector

Real-time Today: Surveillance cameras set up onstie for you to experience the show more vividly

Global Voices: Comments to the shows from global industry media partners

Conference Live Streaming: Keep abreast with the latest market trend

LED CHINA | Live Online Webcast is open to all visitors and buyers for free. Without any expenses on travel and accommodation, you can continue to participate at LED CHINA 2020, interact with all the exhibitors and keep doing your business. Why wait? Join us now.

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If you encounter any technical issue, or if you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out:

Anna Pan


T: 86-20-3810 6261 ext. 827

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